Company Headquarters

Computer Assisted Testing Service, Inc. (CATS) is located in San Mateo, CA about 10 miles south of San Francisco, and within driving distance to many of the world renowned greater  Bay  Area attractions: from Silicon Valley, capital of computer chip makers, to the Valley of the Moon where California wine makers produce some of the fines wines in the world.

Company History

Computer Assisted Testing Service, Inc. (CATS) is a privately owned corporation. Incorporated in 1988, CATS initially operated in various service related projects for local ground schools. Its founders were aviation professionals involved in flight training including simulators, air charter, and Fixed Base Operators at local airports.

In 1991, CATS welcomed the opportunity to broaden its business services to the aviation community as the Federal Aviation Administration was looking to computerize its Airmen and Mechanics knowledge based examinations. CATS developed the software, and hardware configurations for the administration of these 70 different exams. This investment was rewarded with the selection of CATS as one of only three FAA Computer Testing Designees in the world.

In January 1993 the proprietary software/hardware package began its use in the field at 20 different permanent test centers.

By 1994, CATS had enough test center area coverage to be able to administer tests for a Federal Communications Commission Cole Manager. We began administering 8 different FCC radio operator licensing examinations. CATS has over 300 geographically distributed testing locations, including an overseas center in Guam.

For corporate matters, please contact Mark Dennehy, VP FAA Operations, at

Business Development

We are continuously seeking to increase testing area coverage to maximize candidates' choices for finding quality testing centers nearby. We measure our success by applicant's success. CATS also has the technology, and staff capacity to expand its business base to include new services, and ventures.

Our future testing administrations will benefit clients from various governmental agencies, certification/licensing organizations, and companies from the private sector. Our future ancillary services will include but not be limited to vehicle registrations, and photographic identification cards.