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We appreciate your interest in joining the PSI National Test Site Network. If you are a FAA ground school or are interested in delivering FAA examinations, please complete and submit  the following application.

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FAA Site Application Complete this section of the application only if you elect to administer Federal Aviation Administration tests. Otherwise, go directly to the Testing Center application signature section below.

***PLEASE NOTE*** FAA Order 8080.6G requires FAA testing centers to receive approved training from PSI.


Indicate name of person designated as Testing Center Supervisor (TCS). This person is responsible for day to day testing activities and ensures compliance with PSI and FAA ODA testing procedures and policies. The TCS must be present during at least 50% of test administration business hours.


Please note that a DME or a DPE cannot proctor exams.

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Please note that submitting an application is only the first step of the application process, and is not a guarantee of approval. A PSI representative will contact you if we decide to proceed with your application.

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