is a new Java based system developed by CATS. Built for ease of use for both test applicants and administrators, SilverCATS® allows endless possibilities for computer-based test delivery. CATS is different-- it offers fixed sites but is mobile enough to deliver high stakes tests into a variety of third-party environments, at the most convenient locations where test candidates work or live. If you are looking for a Go Anywhere test delivery engine, this is the place.
4 great reasons for choosing CATS:
Simplicity Reliability
A connection to the internet is all you need to utilize SilverCATS®. CATS has an 18 year record of uninterrupted test delivery.
Flexibility Security
Our SilverCATS® program has been designed to fit around the structure of any testing agency. SilverCATS® makes use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the industry-standard method for protecting web communications.